Too mysterious joint disorder.

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) (Source:

Well, that’s what I would like to call it. It is more popularly known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD or TMJ). I had been going through a lot of pain associated with opening and closing of mouth, eating, as well as waking up to a beautiful morning with – and here is the good part – a locked jaw. As trivial as it may sound, this particular disorder has made it’s presence known to over 10 million people in US. That is as common as a chronic kidney disease!

I had been researching on this particular disorder for a few weeks now and I cannot find any substantial research that has been done to prevent this condition or to cure it. According to the TMJ Association,

TMJ scientific research is still in its infancy. There is no coherent body of knowledge on the etiology (causes) and pathogenesis (disease progression) of TMJ diseases and disorders, and hence little in the way of evidence-based treatment guidelines

For the many that are not aware of this condition here are the specific details. Read the rest of this entry »



Like probably many of you, I was reading through some of Obama’s and McCain’s plans for the health care system. For those that are not aware of them, I found an article that pretty much covers what each candidate has planned for the future. It is definitely not an unbiased article as it is the opinion of the writer. If you can find one that is unbiased please post it. =)

My knowledge about the current health care policies are limited but I think Obama’s plans for US’s health care system has a better potential to make insurance plans more affordable than McCain’s. What do you think will work — further deregulation of health insurance companies, just like the deregulation of banks that contributed to mortgage and financial crisis, or increasing the competition between health care insurance and drug companies while closing loopholes to prevent few drug companies from exploiting the current system and in turn reducing the amount required for insurance?

Ahh, lovely time of the year! It’s back to the flu season. The article here shows some very interesting statistics about flu vaccinations and recommendations by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

This video created by CDC covers the serious attention that should be given by parents to ensure that their child gets these flu shots.

So besides children, who should get the flu shot?

This year, the CDC has expanded its recommendations Read the rest of this entry »


Source: Saha

Soon there will be no shortage of platelets when needed. People with anemia and those undergoing chemotherapy will no longer need to wait for blood donations. And, by soon I mean after possibly many more years of testing and experimenting on the results of this new study.

The researchers in Japan found a way to create platelets directly from our stem cells. Earlier this couldn’t be done because they couldn’t create only platelets without the other components of blood. But, now they have found a way to do so successfully in mice.

However, these stem cells Read the rest of this entry »

Devos Children hospital

Oral Cleft; Source: Devos Children's Hospital

It is not breaking news that alcohol consumed during pregnancy can cause disorders in the unborn fetus. But, there are still women that don’t know and understand the risk they put their child in when they consume alcohol. According to a recent large-scale study conducted within a population in Norway, they found that alcohol binges by pregnant women can cause oral clefts in their children.

An oral cleft is basically when the lip and palate tissues don’t grow together during pregancy. The result Read the rest of this entry »

I read something in Eureka! today that I thought was pretty ironic. The past few months have been all about the Salmonella-on-tomatoes outbreak – which was concluded to be a Salmonella-on-jalapeno outbreak few weeks ago. But research shows that tomato is one of the vegetables that can provide protection against gastrointestinal infection caused by Salmonella and E.Coli!

The research mainly focused on studying the use of sesame seed extract and konjac gum to prevent Salmonella and E. Coli infection. According to the results these bacteria attach to the seed extracts and gums and prevent the bacteria from infecting our gut and causing a disease. Tomatoes were mentioned as Read the rest of this entry »

Apparently skin is not the only place that can be decorated with a tattoo. Tooth tattoo’s form the latest trend in India. How could I ever think – whiter the teeth, better they look?! I still don’t see the attraction to have designs on your teeth…it would just look like someone hasn’t brushed their teeth or have food stuck in their teeth to me… . But, many others do seem to like it.

Tooth Tattoo

Tooth Tattoo: Sunshine in your smile! (Credit for image: Westbrook Dental)

Getting back to the article – The teeth tattoo is as easily put on as it can be erased. Very cool, huh?

Those who perceive having white teeth as “decent’ ‘ and anything else as “awkward’ ‘ would be amused to know that people spend Rs 2,500 to Rs 3,000 on teethtattooing . According to maxillofacial surgeon Dr Pooya, these tattoos can be retained as long as one wants and removed using special bur and polishing agent within two minutes. Read the rest of this entry »

Can you believe it? An apple a day keeps the doctor away – but who knew the apple had the secret key to cure cancer?

Okay, so I might be exaggerating it a little. We are not quite there … yet. One little piece of apple or an orange might not save you but a whole lot of orange or just a concentrated shot of Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, just might. It is still being tested, but here is what this research study found so far. They tested it on mice that were injected with cancer cells and grew tumors. Those that were given a concentrated shot of ascorbic acid grew the tumors at about half the rate than regular tumors.

When people were given high doses of concentrated forms of ascorbic acid Read the rest of this entry »

The bacteria Porphyromonas gingivalis are the cause of several periodontal diseases including periodontitis or gum inflammation. They can survive in our mouth by establishing their place in our gums and preventing infected cells from undergoing programmed cell death (apoptosis). According to a research study published in 2001 by Simin F. Nakhjiri et al., this happens because P. gingivalis alters the signals in the pathway that the cell follows for apoptosis (or, put simply, it blocks the cell’s instruction to kill itself). This, prevention of our cell death may sound like a good deal but it really isn’t. Read the rest of this entry »

…I don’t think I’d be able to exist! But, thankfully the world is not being deprived of the fatty fries and the cheesy burger. Only one part of LA, however, is going to be forced to eat healthy.

This year the LA City Council has decided to ban NEW fast food chains and companies to open in one of the poorest areas of the city. According to them there are greater percentage of children obese in this area as compared to rest of the city. This effort is to help reduce the obesity percentage. This is great for improving their health – although if the fast food is not banned from other areas of the city or the places that already exist in the area, it doesn’t seem like a hard feat to get into those areas if you ever crave for some fattening treats – but what does it do to the economy? Read the rest of this entry »


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